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Wanhan won the title of "China's auto parts plastic mold key backbone enterprise"

On June 4th, the 8th China Council of Die & Mould Industry Association and 2018 Mould Industry International Cooperation and Innovation Development Conference was held in Dahua Hall, 1st Floor, Shanghai Dahua Hongqiao Holiday Hotel Conference Center. At the same time, mold intelligent manufacturing and automation were held. Application Forum, 2018 Automotive Stamping Die Technology Summit Forum. Mr. Chen Xingliang, the general manager of Zhejiang Wanhao Mould Co., Ltd., the governing unit of China Mould Industry Association, was invited to participate.

  The third meeting of the China Model Association listened to and reviewed the work report since the Second Council of the Eighth China Model Association; reported the membership development and the income and expenditure of membership since the Second Council of the Eighth China Model Association; Additions, changes, and changes to the vice president, through the second quarter of 2018, apply for membership of the company; review and approve the proposal of the "China Die & Mould Industry Association Standard Parts Committee"; pass the eighth batch of China's key backbone mold enterprises; "China's strategic Emerging industry research and development - mold" first hair style.

Zhejiang Wanhao Mould Co., Ltd. stood out among the participating companies and was awarded the title of “China Key Auto Parts Plastic Mould Key Enterprise” by China Mould Industry Association. The achievement of this honor marks that Zhejiang Wanhao Mould Co., Ltd. has developed into a leading enterprise in China's mold industry after years of pioneering and enterprising innovation, which is superior to product quality, market share, technology level and comprehensive competitiveness. The overall development of the industry.

Founded in 2000, Zhejiang Wanhao Mould Co., Ltd. has more than 300 employees and more than 40 technical R&D management backbones. It is mainly engaged in the manufacture of high-tech molds for automotive interior and exterior parts, headlights, automobile bumpers and other automotive fields. It has provided supporting molds for many well-known domestic and foreign automobile companies. Its high-quality products have been recognized by domestic and foreign customers and the market, and have become synonymous with word of mouth and quality.


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